Checking and Controlling Products and Licenses Used
Open the Licensed and Used Products in Session dialog box to view a list of licenses or to block the use of a product. Blocking a license can be useful for consultants who want to duplicate a client’s environment while building a model or when collaborating with other users who do not have access to the same set of COMSOL products. You can also use these settings to prevent the use of a module when sharing a floating-network license, for example. It is possible to open and postprocess models that include functionality that you have blocked or that your license does not include. Nodes with functionality that requires a license for a product that is blocked or not available get a License Error subnode (), where you find information about the missing but required product license. Unless you disable or remove such nodes, it is not possible to re-solve such models.
To open the Licensed and Used Products in Session dialog box:
From the File menu, select Licensed and Used Products () (Windows users). You can also customize the Quick Access Toolbar and then click the button. See Windows Toolbars and Menus.
From the main menu, select Options>Licensed and Used Products () (macOS and Linux users).
By default, the use of all products is active and the check boxes for all products are selected. The licenses in use are unavailable (you cannot block the use of products with functionality already in use). The main COMSOL Multiphysics product is always in use and therefore has no check box. By default, product licenses that are in use are checked out and unavailable until you start a new model or application by choosing New from the File menu, for example. To make product licenses that are checked out unavailable during the entire COMSOL Multiphysics session (until you restart COMSOL Multiphysics and unless an idle timeout causes the checked out licenses to be returned to the license server when COMSOL Multiphysics has been idle for some time), select the Keep checked out licenses when creating or opening applications check box.
Click to clear the check box next to a product to hide or block it from use. Click Select All to activate all products. Click Deselect All to block all products (except the ones that are already in use). Click OK to save the changes or Cancel to discard any changes and close the window.
Product Information
Click the Product Information button to go to the product information pages on the COMSOL website, where you find information about all COMSOL products.
Borrow a License
If you have a floating network license (FNL) or a class kit license (CKL) and your license file has been enabled for borrowing, click Borrow to open the Borrow Licenses dialog box and borrow licenses from the license server. Select the licenses you want to borrow from the list and specify the number of days you want to keep them. Click OK to save.