Windows Toolbars and Menus
The available ribbon toolbar options are dynamic, based on where in the model you are working and what is logically available for a specific task. When a blank model is created, only the default tabs are included (Model, Definitions, Study, and Results). The Physics, Geometry, and Mesh tabs are added once a model and physics interface are added to the Model Wizard, as shown in FigureĀ 2-10.
The top of the COMSOL Desktop includes a customizable Quick Access Toolbar. Underneath this are ribbon tabs and ribbon groups, which together, are referred to as toolbars. The Home toolbar is a collection of frequently used features from all the other toolbars. For documentation purposes, a toolbar uses the same name as the tab. For example, the Home toolbar, Physics toolbar, Geometry toolbar, or Study toolbar. See The Model Builder Toolbar and Features Available on Toolbars and From Menus for a detailed list of all the features available.
Figure 2-10: The Quick Access Toolbar can be positioned above or below the ribbons. You can also customize the toolbar to include or exclude a variety of buttons.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar has several default buttons that can be displayed above or below the ribbon. Click the small arrow at the end of the toolbar to open the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar list. You can either edit which of the default buttons display directly from the list, or click More Commands to Add and Remove (or double-click to add or remove) the buttons as detailed in the section Features Available on Toolbars and From Menus. This can also be done in The Preferences Dialog Box in the Quick Access Toolbar section.
Keyboard Shortcuts for the Quick Access Toolbar
You can use numeric keyboard shortcuts for the buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar. To activate those keyboard shortcuts, press the Alt key. The keyboard shortcuts (1, 2, 3, and so on) then appear underneath the Quick Access Toolbar (see the following screenshot).
Figure 2-11: Pressing the Alt key displays the keyboard shortcuts for the Quick Access Toolbar.
Display the Quick Access Toolbar Above or Below the Ribbon
Right-click a ribbon to select Show Quick Access Toolbar Above the Ribbon or Show Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon. These options are also available from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu. See FigureĀ 2-10.
Select Minimize the Ribbon. To restore the ribbon, right-click anywhere in the top of the window and click Minimize the Ribbon to deactivate it (remove the check mark).
Minimize (Hide) the Ribbon
Right-click anywhere on a ribbon and choose Minimize the Ribbon to hide the ribbon on the Desktop. To access the ribbon features, click the ribbon tab name (for example, Model, Definitions, or Study). The ribbon features are then available. To restore the ribbon to the top of the Desktop, right-click in the tab name area and click to remove the check mark next to Minimize the Ribbon.